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We recycle all our arisings, either on site or at our processing site in Woodbury. We are happy to convert your tree prunings into firewood for you and our narrow access tracked chippers can get into almost any site, enabling us to chip all smaller material on site for your later use. Alternatively all the arisings can be removed off site.


We always have firewood available for sale; please call 01395 232854 for current prices and availability (prices normally increase every September). We sell split, seasoned logs – these are converted from lengths of timber that have been left in the yard for a period before being cut and split into logs and stacked under cover to season further. Our logs are traditional air-dried logs and our prices reflect that. We cannot guarantee the moisture content, but the logs that we sell are exactly the same as the logs our managing director uses as the sole heating in his house. We often run out of fully seasoned logs in long, cold winters, so if you can, get your logs delivered in the summer before the winter price increase, when we will have large stocks available.

Pricing of log sales and the quality of logs sold can vary dramatically between firewood merchants. There is currently no standardised measure or quality standard used across the industry and thus the rule is caveat emptor. Our seasoned logs are sold by the approximate cubic metre delivered and will comprise good quality logs, mainly hardwood but generally including some softwoods. All the timber comes from our tree surgery operations and thus the species mix tends to be wide and varied. We do attempt to exclude all the lower quality timber (Pine, Horse Chestnut, Willow etc) from our firewood stack. Logs are slightly cheaper if collected from our yard and we will also sell rings or lengths of timber for you to convert yourself if you wish. If you have any queries regarding our log sales then please call our Woodbury Office on 01395 232854 or email us

Logs from Dartmoor Tree Surgeons


We keep a large stock of woodchip in our yard. This ranges from fresh chip to well-mulched stock. The benefits of woodchip are great – suppressing weeds, tidying the appearance of garden beds and borders, maintaining soil moisture levels (and thus reducing the need for watering), and slowly releasing nutrients into the ground. It is particularly valuable for old or veteran trees where a circle of woodchip extending out to the canopy line can significantly slow a tree’s gradual decline.

We can deliver any volume of woodchip, from a small pick-up load to an articulated lorry full (discounts are available for large orders), or you can come to our yard in Woodbury and pick up as much as you need yourself. If you contact us in advance, we can always arrange a time when one of our staff are available to help load a trailer or small truck using our tractor.  Telephone us on 01395 232854 for further details.

Woodchip from Dartmoor Tree Surgeons

Timber for Construction, Turning and Carving

Our mobile mill is now up and working allowing us to create planks and beams from some of the more interesting timbers which we bring back to our yard, and occasionally we bring in a Woodmiser mill to deal with larger sections of timber – see our dedicated Timber for Production and Woodturning page for more information. We also work with a number of experienced woodcarvers – when that beloved but ailing old tree finally has to go, why not consider having it carved into a bench or into some other memento for your garden? We also hold small stocks of interesting woods for carvers and turners. Call us on 01395 232854 or email for further details or to ask us to keep an eye open for any particular timber types or sizes for your project.



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