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We can deal with all the necessary paperwork required to submit TPO applications or Conservation Area (Section 211) notifications. We can advise you on the options available where your site contains protected trees. We have worked closely with most (if not all) of the West Country’s local planning authorities over a number of decades and we are able to give you a good indication of which works are likely to be amenable to your local council’s tree officer. Our extensive arboricultural experience and expertise will ensure that your application will be appropriately worded and specified so as to give you the greatest likelihood of being granted approval. Equally, where we consider that your proposed works are not likely to be granted approval we will advise you of this and, where appropriate, seek to identify alternative works that fulfill your requirements whilst also being more likely to be approved by the local council.

Our dedicated consultancy division, (Advanced Arboriculture) can advise you on Tree Preservation Order appeals and exemptions, planning conditions, felling licences, restrictive covenants or any other query relating to tree protection legislation.  Please contact us on 01395 232854 or email to discuss your needs further.

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