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As a busy tree surgery company dealing with all aspects of tree work we often have various pieces of timber come back to our yard that are ideal for purposes such as milling, carving and turning.

As part of our own yard management plan we now mill a few bits of timber ourselves. This has been somewhat of a goal of ours for some time as its a real shame when we see nice timber cut down into fire wood when it could be recycled and used in a much better way.

We always have an abundance of wood of all sizes that could be ideal for working on such as pieces of Yew, Cherry, Mulberry and Laburnum.

For those wood turners and carvers interested in obtaining wood for production purposes please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01395 232854. We also provide an emailing service exclusively to those seeking out wood for production to let people know when we have good timber in. If interested in joining this mailing list please email us at info@dartmoortreesurgeons.co.uk and make yourself known to us.


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