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Dartmoor Tree Surgeons have been involved in many projects ranging from small to very large. A small sample from our project portfolio are detailed below:


This work was undertaken as part of a joint project between East Devon District Council and Devon County Council. The remodeling of this central area of Exmouth included major civil engineering works and relandscaping, including the pedestrianising of two of the four sections of road surrounding the Gardens.

Our involvement commenced with undertaking a full British Standard 5837:2005 survey to establish the condition of the tree stock as a whole. This was then backed up by Airspade investigations to determine the likely impact of proposed structures on the rooting systems of retained trees in this highly compacted soil. Our final consultancy input was to attend the public consultation events held by the client, allowing the public to directly question us.

We continued to work on the project after successfully tendering for the actual tree works. This included dismantling some trees using a crane and powered access platform (MEWP). We even had to use an angle grinder to remove one of the large Horse Chestnuts due to the extent of old iron bracing which had been installed in the past!

The Strand Gardens have now been fully completed and provide a well used focal point for Exmouth on a day to day basis, as well as offering a venue for farmers’ markets and other events throughout the year.

Strand Gardens, Exmouth, during the project's tree works phase

Dartmoor Tree Surgeons have worked at Mobray Court in Heavitree for some years, undertaking regular safety inspections for the management company. The largest works undertaken to date at Mobray Court involved the removal of a very large Turkey Oak which had succumbed to honey fungus. We captured the dismantling of this tree using a timelapse camera which ran for the three days of the main take-down.

St Aubyn’s Wood is a Heritage Homes South West development located to the south of Tiverton, overlooking the Exe Valley. Our involvement with the project included site clearance and tree works for phase one. For phase two, Advanced Arboriculture completed the British Standard 5837 survey and maintained an active role in the preparation of a site layout which remained compatible with the trees considered worthy of retention. Tree works for phase two have included site clearance, tree and hedgerow pruning, and the use of our Airspade to enable the creation of the new access up into the upper section of the site.

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As part of South West Water’s resilience works, they have had to enlarge the spillways for Kennick, Trenchford and Tottiford reservoirs on southern Dartmoor. These run though heavily wooded valleys which have had to be partly cleared to allow for the major civil engineering that will follow. Our work there has included working closely with the project ecologists and securing dormouse licences, as well as “soft felling” trees (a technique whereby trees are dismantled carefully, lowering each section to the ground on ropes to allow any cavities to be checked for bats, nesting birds or dormice).

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Yarner Woods forms part of the East Dartmoor Woods and Heath National Nature Reserve. We have had many years of involvement here undertaking hazard assessment of trees within certain critical areas and carrying out sensitive arboricultural works to trees within thins internationally important woodland.

Our latest work has involved the pruning of trees around a portion of the Haytor granite tramway that runs through the top of Yarner Woods. An ancient beech avenue here required remedial works to ensure that the risk posed by the trees to users of the track was minimal whilst preserving all the habitat and landscape values of the trees in this beautiful and historic part of Dartmoor.


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