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Tom, a former tree officer, is the main man behind Dartmoor Tree Surgeons' British Standard 5837:2012 reports. He has worked as an independent arboricultural consultant for over 20 years across the UK and brings a wealth of experience to the company.

Dartmoor Tree Surgeons: Not Just Tree Surgeons

When they think of tree surgeons, most people think of climbers swinging round in trees, wielding chainsaws, their ground crews feeding cut material through chippers below. Not an unreasonable preconception either as this broadly covers the bulk of work undertaken by many tree surgery companies across the UK. Here at Dartmoor Tree Surgeons, we've got a few more strings to our bows though... Yes we have the crews out working on trees for clients (and not just guys either - we've got an excellent female climber working for us now too), we've got a strong advisory and consultancy service too. [...]

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Cash and carry event raises £4,300 for WaterAid

Dartmoor Tree Surgeons joined forces with South West Water and other contractors to raise money for WaterAid at Meldon reservoir last month. Twenty-eight volunteers walked the length of the reservoir on 25 November to fill containers with 20 litres (20kg) of water from the stream before carrying them back - a journey of about three miles. As a keen Dartmoor walker Graham jumped at the chance to get away from his desk for a day, even if it meant carrying a very heavy rucksack over a wet and cold moorside. However, this was nothing compared to the challenge faced by [...]

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What Price Quality?

It's fair to say that most of us don't want to pay more than absolutely necessary for any product or service, but is cheapest wisest? The first step is always to define what it is we're looking for, perhaps a television or a car. Or tree work. We may hone down our selection based perhaps on a brand or a specification, and that makes it relatively easy to purchase specific products: a trip around the online stores will generally produce an attractive price way below the recommended retail; wait a day or so and your new TV is there at [...]

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How Safe Are Our Trees?

As the first hints of summer head our way, it’s all too easy to forget the winter that was, only ten weeks ago or so, throwing its worst at the South West of England. If we do cast our minds back to that relentless round of storms that damaged historic buildings and left a gaping hole in our rail links to the west, some of the most iconic images are those of trees that came over, occasionally flattening cars or structures. In spite of the front pages of the newspapers which would have us believe in an arboricultural Armageddon, I [...]

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As the Winter Approaches…

We always have firewood available for sale; please call 01395 232854 for current prices and availability (prices normally increase every September). We sell split, seasoned logs – these are converted from lengths of timber that have been left in the yard for a period before being cut and split into logs and stacked under cover to season further. Our logs are traditional air-dried logs and our prices reflect that. We cannot guarantee the moisture content, but the logs that we sell are exactly the same as the logs our managing director uses as the sole heating in his house. We [...]

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Graham and Tom Complete QTRA Training

October is looking like a busy month for Dartmoor Tree Surgeons, not just in terms of plenty of tree work, but also because of a full training schedule, particularly for Graham and Tom. Continuing professional development is one of our core values and the first set of training was in Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) last week. QTRA provides a clear and consistent framework for evaluating risks posed by trees and is well suited to many of our clients' needs (there's some very good information available on the QTRA website for those who are interested). Both Graham and Tom completed [...]

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