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Our air spading services are increasingly requested where careful root investigation or excavation is required and to help alleviate the effects of root zone compaction. The Air Spade utilises a stream of pressurised air, fired into the soil at supersonic speeds, enabling the operator to displace soil without damage to roots or services.

Airspading being completed (Exmouth Strand Gardens)
Airspaded trench

We have used this Air Spade technology to:

  • Excavate within the rooting zones of trees in a way that minimises damage to roots;
  • Install cabled and piped services within the root protection areas of trees to be retained on development sites;
  • Relieve the effects of ground compaction;
  • Investigate the extent of significant rooting prior to undertaking construction activity;
  • Aid the long term health of trees by improving soil health and nutrient availability within the trees’ rooting zones.

Air spading is particularly useful for root investigation and excavations or when working in areas containing services or tree roots, which could be damaged by conventional digging. It can expose roots and services, so that they can be located and inspected without causing damage. Air Spade excavation can facilitate the routing of service runs and the installation of foundations within the root systems of trees.

Air Spades are hired with fully trained, highly experienced arborists. All our operatives are CSCS accredited. We are equally at home working on construction sites as on residential properties.

Our air spading clients include local authorities, architects, developers, utilities, tree surgeons and homeowners.

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