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A day in the life of a tree surgeon!

Have you ever walked past a team of tree surgeons as they are dismantling an awkward tree?  Maybe there are powerlines running alongside the tree or a delicate structure that they have to avoid.  A lot of people are interested in what we do and how we do it, understanding that that it takes a great deal of skill, experience and training to tackle a large tree as the wind blows and the rain comes down and every piece of material has to come down into an area the size of a small garden shed!  That could be someone’s idea [...]

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Looking Inside Trees with the Speed of Sound – Tomography

Using Sonic Tomography to Assess the Extent of Wood Decay - by Joel Gray From time to time we are asked to assess the structural integrity of a specimen which maybe raising concerns for a customer. An indicator of potential decay is sometimes (but not limited to) a fungal fruiting body protruding from the wood or root area around a tree, and depending on what species of fungi these fruiting bodies belong to, we can gauge whether a look inside the stem is necessary or not. A very efficient way of doing this is by using a Tomograph to send [...]

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